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2011 MAFA Weekend Workshop Reports

MAFA has a stipend award which is given to several people who apply each Conference year. The number and dollar amount vary from Conference to Conference. Each awardee makes application, submits a letter of recommendation from the guild president. After the stipend awardees are selected, each awardee, after the Conference, must write a report of her class and how she (he) is going to share this knowledge. This can be in a guild meeting, Scouts, 4H , church or civic group or some other venue. The guild president must send a note saying that this has been done or is scheduled to be done. The stipend funds are then sent to the recipient. MAFA very much wants to encourage the spreading of our love any where we can.

Mickie Schneider
President (pro tem)


Building with Blocks
Ellen L. Turner

Jody A. Forbes

Peggy Kresovich

MAFA 2009 Conference memories HERE

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