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MidAtlantic Fiber Association Member Guild Mini-Grant Program

Thank you for your interest in the MAFA Member Guild Mini-Grant Program. Grant award recommendations are made by a Committee representing member guilds.

For the 2013 Grant Year, applications are due no later than December 31, 2012 for projects taking place between March 1, 2013 - February 28, 2014. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

General Requirements

•   Applicant must be a member guild of MAFA, and nonprofit in nature (501c3 status not required)

•   Grant award funds may only be used for the project in the area defined in the plan and project description

•   Project must involve the public (i.e., not equipment or benefit to an individual)

•   Projects must be no longer than 12 months in duration and final report is due within 60 days following project end date.


•   Projects must include a final report and photograph(s) for use on the MAFA website, publications, social media (see below for contents)

•   Photographs must be accompanied by permission to publish (form will be available at a later date)

Selection procedure & timetable

Judging Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated and ranked by a Grants Committee in the following areas:

•   Fiber related with measurable learning outcomes

•   Public impact/visibility/benefit

•   Educational purpose

•   Completeness of the application & adherence to instructions

•   Not a recipient from the prior year

The MAFA Board will determine the budget from which grants will be allocated, and may recommend an average award or number of projects to be awarded within total budget. Projects must be completed within the time specified, beginning on or after March 1, 2013 and completed no later than February 28, 2014.  The maximum award for 2013 will be $1,000 and up to five projects will be funded; a partial grant may be awarded depending on the merit of the project.

MAFA Grants Committee:

The MAFA Grants Committee shall consist of a chairperson appointed by the Board of Directors and additional members from active member guilds or associate members. One member will also be a member of the Board, and responsible for correspondence & following up with the recipients for final reports. The committee shall be responsible for review and recommendations for project funding by MAFA, and review/approval of final reports. The Board is responsible for approval of expenditure of funds, distribution of funds and correspondence between MAFA & project director and between MAFA and the Grants Committee.

Committee members may not participate in review of application from any guild to which they belong.

Application, Review, Granting & Reporting Process

The application consists of the completed Application Form and up to three photographs illustrating the project or activity. Use separate sheets as necessary, but be sure to include all requested information. Funds will be distributed as follows:  50% at time of approval, 50% once final report is complete/acceptable.

Received by Grant Chairperson or PO Box (prefer email)                                     December 31

            Note: applications received after this date will not be considered.

Decision finalized by board                                                                                                February 1

Checks distributed (50%) to guild                                                                                    March 1

Reporting and final payment process

Report, due within 60 days of project completion (but no later than April 28, 2014, to include:

            Photo(s) or video, with permission form

            Description of project goals and/or objectives and actual outcomes

            Instructor evaluation (MAFA form)

            Original vs actual budget - why different

            Advice for other project directors

The Final Report will be reviewed by Committee & approved for final payment within 15 days of receipt.

MidAtlantic Fiber Association

Member Guild Mini-Grant Program Application

(complete each section, making sure to include ALL information requested)

Member Guild Name:

EIN:                                                                                    501(c)3 Status?     Yes     No

Mailing Address:

Applicant/Project Director:

MAFA Representative:

(must match name on file with MAFA)

Contact Information:



Project Director

MAFA Representative

Guild website:

Facebook, Ravelry or other social media address:

Project Name:

Brief Summary (30 words):

Amount Requested:

Matching Funds Amount & Source:

By our signatures below we certify that the information contained in this application is accurate and we will comply with MAFA’s requests for information, complete the project as indicated, seek prior approval from MAFA for significant changes in scope, budget or other project activities and to include “This project is supported in part by the Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association’s 2013 Mini-Grant Program,” in any publicity about the project.

__________________________________            ________________________________

Project Director                                                            MAFA Representative

Complete each section below and submit the proposal in pdf format to:

Or four (4) complete copies by mail to: MAFA Grants, PO Box ___, _____
Project Name:


Funding Sources

List each actual and/or anticipated source of funding for this project ONLY. If funds are not yet committed, on a separate page provide a brief description of funding requests.

Total Project Income

Funds Committed or Anticipated

Funds Requested

The MAFA grant


Total Project Income


Expense Items

List expenses for this project.  On a separate page, provide brief descriptions of any items that are not self-explanatory. Use a separate sheet if necessary.

Amount (round up to the nearest $50)

Amount of item to be funded by MAFA grant (round up to the nearest $50)



*MAFA Grant income and amount of expense to be funded by MAFA (shaded boxes) must be the same.

Description of Project (150 words):


Provide a 1-2 page narrative addressing each of the items below. Be sure to include all requested information and include the Project Name on each page.

•   Project plan including timeline & role of personnel

•   Project location

•   Guild’s “territory” or “reach”

•   Number of people impacted & how they will be impacted or what they will gain

•   Promotion plan

•   Evaluation plan

Provide a description of the photos provided as well.

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