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It all started in 1980 when two nearby guilds accidentally scheduled a major workshop on the same day, thereby endangering the viability of both workshops.  This led to a summit meeting of the area guilds, and MAFA was founded to facilitate communication among the fiber-arts guilds of the Mid-Atlantic region.  Since guilds working together can obtain more and better fiber opportunities than guilds working alone, MAFA also has been since its inception a means of organizing a regional conference.

Over the years, MAFA has contributed many things to the fiber-arts community--Conferences and Workshop Weekends; subsidized courses for beginning spinners and weavers; scholarships; newsletter; web-based information clearinghouse; seed money for guild-run retreats and other programs—and its geographic range has expanded from small adjoining areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania to a great swathe extending from the Great Lakes to the Outer Banks.  And everything MAFA has accomplished has been through the effort of volunteers.

Make yourself a more active part of MAFA!  By working together, we can ensure that we can continue to benefit from MAFA as guilds and as individuals.  Here are some current job openings:

MAFA Workshop Weekend 2013 Volunteers Wanted:

Responsibilities of MAFA Weekend Workshop Education Committee

  • Compile list of potential instructors.
  • Request proposals from potential instructors.
  • Read proposals.
  • Choose classes to be taught.
  • Send contracts to chosen instructors.
  • Notify instructors not chosen.
  • Keep in touch with instructors and answer all questions.
  • Compile and prepare brochure in PDF format with input from registrar and board.
  • Transmit finished PDF file to Dave Banks for inclusion on the web site.
  • Determine instructor needs that will be provided by venue and advise proper person at venue of these needs (e.g., coat rack, easels, etc.)
  • Collect items needed by instructors that will not be provided by venue.
  • Arrange for rental looms and transportation of same, if necessary.
  • Keep track of rental looms and parceling of them to students.
  • Visit venue and determine classrooms to be used, making note of class sizes.
  • Work with venue staff to set up classrooms on registration day.
  • Check that all classrooms have all extra equipment requested by instructors.
  • Make instructors welcome to the conference.
  • Check with instructors to see that classrooms are properly equipped.
  • Provide instructor data sheets to Treasurer for writing checks to instructors.
  • Make sure that arrangements are made for transportation of instructors (who fly) from airport to venue and return to airport.
  • Review evaluations to help compile a list of instructors for the next conference.
  • Make sure evaluations are sent to instructors after the conference.
  • Communicate with other regions to avoid conference date conflicts.

Responsibilities of MAFA Weekend Workshop Vendor Chair

  • Get list of Vendors from most recent MAFA (or re-invent the wheel by seeing who advertises in "Handwoven"). Contact them to determine interest in coming (e-mail is easiest).
  • Find out if there will be a Vendor Fee; if so, how much?
  • Send "Vendor Application" (a 1 page form which gets all your necessary info from the vendors in the same format; 2009 sample available).
  • Find out from the MAFA site what space will be used for Vendor Hall; big, and good natural light is important.
  • Make sure Vendor Hall is locked at night.
  • Ideal: have the Fashion Show in the Vendor Hall, such as the Ballroom at Gettysburg College.
  • Get Vendors' web-site and address info to brochure-maker for inclusion.
  • Find out which Vendors want Room/Board on campus, and which ones will find their own lodging and meals. Co-ordinate with Registrar.
  • Write article for "Gettysburg Times" and "Gettysburg magazine" to alert local residents to Fiber Opportunities in Vendor Hall.
  • Make large "Vendor Hall" signs for entrances.
  • If Registration starts at 2pm, be ready to welcome Vendors at 10am for set-up.
  • Find out from site where Vendors can unload, then park. (Try to avoid new construction preventing use of the loading dock!)
  • Send evaluation sheet to Vendors post-MAFA for suggestions for the next time.

Responsibilities of MAFA Weekend Workshop Registrar

  • Receive conference registration forms and checks.
  • Keep a spread sheet of all registration information, including name, address, phone number, email address, class choices, roommate request, check amount and number.
  • Forward checks to MAFA Treasurer.
  • Assign classes and roommates.
  • Send teachers class lists.
  • Send registration packets with class and teacher assignments, roommate assignments, campus map and any other pertinent information (class and meal times, etc).
  • Assign dorm rooms.
  • At on-site registration, provide room keys, meal tickets, goody bags and any other needed information.
  • Handle any housing situations as they occur.
  • Provide for return of keys and meal tickets at end of conference.

MAFA Representative (multiple openings)

You’re going to Maryland Sheep and Wool and Rhinebeck anyway, right?  Make sure that your guild knows of the latest developments and has its rightful say in MAFA’s activities by volunteering as a MAFA Representative or Alternate.  Reps meetings happen on Saturday evenings, so you won’t even miss out on shopping time.

Just because you don’t have the time to commit to a position doesn’t mean that you can’t help.  There are many short-term, one-shot volunteer opportunities available.  Even a single spare hour is all you need to make your mark on MAFA.  Most of the following jobs can be done on either a one-time or ongoing basis, and can be spread among many people.  Where do you fit in?

Article Writer

Read a good book lately?  Tried a new piece of equipment?  Checked out a local yarn shop—or found a nifty fiber place while travelling?  Studied a new technique?  Prepared a great handout for a program you created for your guild?  Want to honor a mentor?

Write an article (or many) for MAFA website and share what you know!


Review submitted articles and work with contributors on any necessary modifications for grammar, style, and content. Prepare PDFs of finalized articles for inclusion on the MAFA Website.

Guild Webpage Coordinator

Obtain and assemble the information needed for your guild to have its own page on MAFA’s website.

Guild Webpage Updater

Make sure the information on your guild’s MAFA webpage is correct and current. Assemble and submit modifications up to once a month (but do try to make updates at least once every six months

Instructor Database Contributor

Add a new entry to MAFA’s instructor database using the form found here.

Website Quality Assurance Helper

Do you see a typo on the MAFA website?  Is a link broken or dead?  Send an email and let us know so we can fix it.


If you're interested in any of these jobs, or would like to offer another way in which you can help out, please send us an email.

And an added incentive

MAFA is a tax-exempt not-for-profit (a 501(c)(3), in technical terms).  Contact your tax professional to obtain clarification on how you can properly document and write off mileage and other expenses incurred while volunteering for MAFA.

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