Get Involved!

MAFA Needs You!

Become more active in MAFA! Meet some like-minded folk and learn something new…By working together, we ensure that MAFA becomes more useful to our guilds and our fiber communities. And besides, it’s fun too!

For MAFA 2019:

We are looking for guilds to help organize some of the conference activities. Give your guild a project to work on – and have some fun getting ready for the conference! We need a single POC who will work with her own guild on the following projects:

Goody Bag Coordinator

  • Attend the MD S& W festival to pick up goodies, and provide a mailing address for goodies that aren’t delivered to the festival. Store the goodies.
  • Prepare reminders for guilds. (MAFA will send them out for you.)
  • Depending on MAFA attendance, a budget may be provided for you to purchase additional goodies.
  • Shortly before conference, get together to sort and prepare goody packages for inclusion in the conference bags. (In 2015 we had several thousand goodies to package into 500 bags.)
  • Bring the goodies to conference, arriving on Wednesday and then stuff the conference bags with these goodies, as well as any other items that have been collected for inclusion in the bags.

Sample Exchange Coordinator

  • Work with our Webmaster Dave Banks to create a form for the sample exchange.
  • Agree on and document the exchange rules for inclusion on the conference website and brochure, ensuring fair distribution to all participants.
  • Send reminder notices and answer questions of participants.
  • Arrange to collect the samples at conference, sorting them and preparing them for the participants.
  • Lead the distribution effort to participants at the conference.

Fashion Show and Fashion Exhibit Coordinator

  • Develop the processes and communications for a juried Fashion Show and a non-juried Fashion Showcase exhibit
  • Coordinate the show
  • Coordinate the exhibit
  • (Note, we have a great report from 2017 detailing what was done and when, along with suggested improvements for 2019. Let us know if you’d like to see it.)

Spinning Games

  • Determine the game rules and acquire any necessary materials and equipment.
  • Acquire prizes
  • Arrange for someone to run the game.

Weaving Games and/or Tips

  • Organize some weaving games and/or tips that can be showcased at the Friday night Shop-til-you-drop evening. (similar to last time’s Spinning Games)

Other Ideas

  • Organize a skein exchange, competition, or exhibit
  • Organize one or more catering events
  • etc etc etc…

Contact Conference Coordinator Theresa Hill at to let her know what you’d like to do or if you have questions — or if you have other ideas for ways your guild can help with conference planning.


For Other Ongoing Needs:

MAFA Representative or Alternate

Every guild needs a representative to keep the lines of communication open between MAFA and your guild. Reps pass on MAFA news to the guilds and provide suggestions to the MAFA board about how MAFA can help the guilds. Reps meet at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May, and by teleconference in September or October, and in the future, will also have a breakfast meeting at the conference. Reps are expected to attend the conference, to actively volunteer, and to build networks across guilds to facilitate inter-guild communications.

If your guild already has a rep, maybe you can be an Alternate. This person will also receive emails and news from MAFA, and can back up the representative when he or she can’t attend a meeting. Check with your guild president, then contact Margaret Briggs, MAFA Membership Chair.

Social Media Reps

Join the MAFA Social Media team! We have a presence on Ravelry, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. We can always use another savvy marketer to help us get the word out about the conference and/or other MAFA-related events. Contact Charlene Marietti, MAFA First VP for more information.

Grants Committee Member

Do you have some experience with proposals? Or an interest to see how other guilds and individuals do outreach? This committee’s primary work takes place in January – February every year as guild grant proposals are evaluated, and then in April- May of the conference year as Fellowship proposals are analyzed. Contact Mary Strouse, MAFA Grants Chair.

Website Content Provider

Take a look at the Resouces portion of our website. Not too exciting. We need help. Read a good book lately? Tried a new piece of equipment? Checked out a local yarn shop—or found a nifty fiber place while travelling? Studied a new technique? Prepared a great handout for a program you created for your guild? Want to honor a mentor? Write us an article (or 2 or 3). Send it to our First VP/Communications.

Sample Exchange Digitization Project Manager and Helpers

One area here we would like to explore is digitizing the sample books from previous conferences. We need someone to head up this effort – and someone to photograph the samples and someone to prepare the data for uploading into tables that will be created by our Webmaster. Let Karen Miller, MAFA President, know if you are interested.

Guild Website Coordinator

MAFA can build and host a website for your guild. But you need to figure out how you want to organize it and create the content. Contact MAFA’s webmaster for more information.


This job is not a regular one – but we are always in need of testers for something – a feedback form, a survey, new website design or content, conference registration, etc. If you’d like to be on call to help, contact Charlene Marietti, MAFA First VP.

Board members

All of our Board members serve for two-year terms. We prefer that no one serve more than two terms in any one office. Our next election is in July, 2019. We will definitely have openings for the 2019-2021 term. Check out our Operating Manual for job descriptions. If you would like to volunteer, or like to suggest someone who you think would be an asset, please contact our Nominating Committee .

Basic requirements for board members – be computer literate, willing to answer emails within a day or so, willing to learn to use project management software, be a team player, willing to ask for and offer assistance, be fairly well organized, previous guild officer and/or MAFA rep — and of course, love some aspect of fiber!

Nominating Committee

Do you know a lot of people? Have you served on boards so you know what it takes to be a good board member? Are you happy to cold-call someone to request help? Volunteer for our Nominating Committee. Contact Karen Miller, MAFA President.

Other Ideas?

Do you have other ideas for activities MAFA should be pursuing? Let us know! Contact the MAFA President.