Grants and Scholarships

In support of its mission to further education in the fiber arts, MAFA awards several types of grants. A Grants Committee consisting of a chairperson and representatives from across the MAFA region determines the recipients of the grants.

Guild Grants are awarded yearly to member guilds and associate members based on applications describing how the proposed fiber-related project will educate and/or otherwise benefit the public. Fifty percent of the funding is provided at project award, 50 percent upon completion of a final report on project. Click for complete information and requirements.

Fellowships are awarded to conference attendees based on applications describing how the attendee plans to utilize the knowledge gained at the conference to further educate others. Funding is provided after the committee receives a final report from the applicant. Click for complete information and requirements.

Scholarships are awarded to students in the conference’s beginning spinning and weaving classes to enable them to purchase supplies and equipment to support their newly acquired fiber skills. No application is required.

Special Awards

There are currently two named awards:

Allen B. Fannin Scholarship, named in honor of the 2005 conference keynote speaker, who was killed in a car accident shortly before the conference. Mr. Fannin was a devoted teacher of new spinners and weavers. This award has been distributed to novice spinners and weavers at every subsequent conference.

Ellen Dorosh Memorial Award was established in memory of Ellen Dorosh, our president and long-time volunteer, who died while in office in 2014. Its purpose is to support MAFA guild members who wish to improve their weaving skills. Award winners must be weavers and MAFA guild members. The Grants Committee will determine which, if any, of the MAFA Fellowship applicants will be awarded the Dorosh Award.